Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.

Teachers are always being told WHAT to do in the classroom but very little about HOW to do it. That’s where we can help

Introducing 4MAT© – a relevant, simple,
practical and effective system to
transform your teaching


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The 4MAT Basic Training will teach you HOW to:

  • Write and deliver inclusive units of work
  • Address the diverse learning needs in your classroom
  • Engage every learner in the room
  • Address the needs of 21st Century Learners
  • Ensure understanding of a complex curriculum through the use of a concept-based approach to your content

In our 4MAT Basic Training course you will learn how to easily apply 4MAT to your lesson/unit planning and classroom practice. As well as providing you with a no fail template that will transform your classroom and guide you to creating fun and interactive learning experiences for your students. 4MAT will give you a common language that you and your colleagues can use to discuss teaching and learning.

Join Us in Sydney for our first Blended Program

Wednesday 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd May 2024

4pm - 6.30pm Webinar via Zoom and

Wednesday 29th May 9am - 4pm face to face workshop

Course Fee: $997 + GST 

Everything in This Workshop is Focused on Helping You to Create Units of Work with Greater Impact, Engaging Every Learner in the Room and Improving Student Learning Outcomes.

Our 4MAT Basic Training Program has been developed to:

  • address your needs and improve your effectiveness and confidence as a teacher,
  • motivate and engage your students in their learning; and
  • improve student learning outcomes in your school

You will also:

  • understand the relationship between learning styles and brain processing preferences,
  • learn about the 8 steps of the 4MAT model,
  • increase the focus and flow of your units of work,
  • plan and design a unit of work using the 4MAT System


Here’s what you will learn in the 3 days...

  • Day One – The Power of Connections

    You will explore learning principles and learning style differences through the use of the Learning Type Measure assessment. This is an opportunity to connect with your personal learning preference and how this influences you in a learning setting. We examine in detail the four major identifiable learning styles and reflect how they are equally valuable. We discuss the impact of learning style on both how learners approach learning in the classroom and how teachers approach their programming and delivery of content. We look at approaches that target the needs of all learning styles.

  • Day Two – The 4MAT Model

    You will explore your preference for right and/or left brain processing and how this influences you in your work. We will consider the latest research on the brain and the implications of this for learning. Finally we will explore the power of identifying the big idea behind your content as a way of improving learning impact and retention.

  • Day Three – The Cycle of Learning

    The final day we show you how days one and two combine to create the 4MAT model and we examine each step of the 4MAT framework. You will explore the natural learning cycle and deepen your understanding of various points around the cycle and how to move the learner from one step to the next by working with units of work designed by other teachers. You then use this information to write a program for a unit of work that moves through all 8 steps of the model. Most of this day is focused on refining and critiquing your unit ensuring that it is ready to teach as soon as you get back to your class.

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Shayne Player, Principal Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Shayne Player, Principal Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College, Tumbi Umbi Campus

4MAT has delivered the professional development outcomes required to support all teachers shape, deliver and assess learning experiences necessary for 21st Century learners. My teachers are engaging all learners through differentiated learning. Students are responding with greater engagement levels. Results are lifting and professional dialogue has reached higher levels of sophistication and purpose. One of the best decisions you could make to build instructional leadership.

David Harding, Teacher, David Harding, Teacher,, Yagoona PS, NSW

4MAT training affected me a lot. The 3 days changed me personally and as a teacher. I would definitely recommend it to every teacher. It affects everything you do in the classroom – what I do now is more direct, more focused, more meaningful

Lisa Hall, Lecturer Lisa Hall, Lecturer, - Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

I just needed to email you again and tell you how much I LOVE 4 MAT. I honestly think it has made the single biggest difference to my teaching practice in many years, maybe ever. It is great stimulation for me as a teacher and I am really reaping the rewards with my students. What a fantastic tool!

Tessa Harris -  Drummoyne Public School, Tessa Harris - Drummoyne Public School, , NSW

4MAT Training has changed the teaching of HSIE and science at our school. I now have a clearer direction for my teaching and plan every unit using the 4MAT system. I know my students engage with the content because all learning styles are catered for and they respond with enthusiasm to the variety of activities. You can really see them thrive!


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