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Using the 4MAT © System, a framework to help you turn boring and theoretical courses into courses that are dynamic, fun and interactive.


Everything You Need To Know to Design Training
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The Mastering Training Design Program Will Show You Powerful Time-Saving Steps To Improve Your Training And Produce Better Learning Results.

This is not a theory-based, all-talk course. You’ll experience 4MAT as you learn about 4MAT. Our course provides everything you need to build, deliver and assess your training design. In fact it provides you with everything you need to transform your training from good to great.

The 4MAT Mastering Training Design Level 1 Program will benefit organisations that are looking for a more consistent approach to training design and delivery and for those who are looking to become more effective at training design and facilitation.

Create Interactive Training That Delivers Consistent Results And Ensures Return On The Bottom Line,
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In this workshop you will discover how to address the 4 main learning styles using the proven, simple yet effective 4MAT System for instructional design. You will also learn how to…

  • Design training that addresses the needs of all learners, regardless of their learning preferences

  • Apply and integrate proven brain friendly strategies to increase retention and interactivity

  • Develop your own individual design through analysing real world examples, all with the support of a skilled facilitator.

Mastering Training Design Enquiry

With the current CoVid19 situation, face to face training has been suspended. We are re-working this training into an online program. 

We will update you as soon as it is ready.

Mastering Training Design Enquiry

Everything in This 2 day Event Helps You to Create Training with Greater Impact - Engaging Every Learner in the Room & Producing Measurable Results.

Our 4MAT© Mastering Training Design Level 1 Program has been developed to:

  • address your needs and improve your effectiveness and confidence as a trainer or facilitator,
  • improve overall results in your organisation; and
  • reduce the number of training hours required.

You will also:

  • understand the relationship between learning styles and brain processing preferences,
  • identify the principal elements of the 4MAT model,
  • increase the clarity and flow of training programs, and
  • plan and design a workshop using the 8 step 4MAT System


Here’s what you will learn in the 2 days...

  • Day One – The Power of Connections

    You will explore adult learning principles and learning style differences through the use of the Learning Type Measure assessment. This is an opportunity to connect with your personal learning preference and how this influences you in a learning and training setting. You will also look at your preference for right and/or left-brain processing 
and how this influences you in your work. We will consider the latest research on the brain and the implications of this for learning. Finally, we will take you through the power of identifying the big idea behind your content as a way of improving learning impact and retention.

  • Day Two – The Cycle of Learning

    We show you how the 3 key elements taught on day one – Learning Style, Right & Left mode processing and conceptualising your training combine to create the 4MAT model and we examine each step of the 4MAT framework. You will explore the natural learning cycle and deepen your understanding of various points around the cycle and how to move the learner from one step to the next. You then use this information to design a piece of training that moves through all 8 steps of the model.

  • Online Component

    Following the training you will be required to complete your training/workshop in the 4MATion Online Training Design Centre for feedback and the opportunity to refine your training ensuring that it is ready for implementation.

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Martin D’Allura - Learning Specialist Martin D’Allura - Learning Specialist, Telstra

The Mastering Training Design course broadened my understanding of the 4MAT model and it’s practical application in my training design and delivery. I appreciate more deeply the diversity of people’s learning preferences and gained many practical ideas to design and deliver training that sticks with people. I have been able to use what I learned in the MTD course to re-work several pieces of training and make them much more effective. I’ve even had comments from managers of learners about the effectiveness of the sessions.

Sharon Ritchie - Training Manager Sharon Ritchie - Training Manager, AGL Energy

Since investing our time in the 4MAT Mastering Training Design course, we have been able to turn one of our very boring, theoretical courses, into a dynamic, interactive one that has received very positive feedback from all who have attended it. As a result of rewriting the program, it was reduced from 4 weeks to 3, and is getting better results than the previous program. There is enhanced retention of the content with average handling time reduced by almost half for people attending this particular course. Thanks so much for giving us the inspiration and motivation to change the way we look at learning.

Andrea Casabene - Training Manager

4MAT as a design and delivery methodology has changed the way I think about and train in the corporate sector. The skills I learnt during the program have enabled me to deliver not only more enjoyable training, but the outcomes the participants achieve are far better. As a result of what I have learnt I have implemented 4MAT as the design methodology in my last two training companies. If you want to take your training to the next level I suggest you come along to Mastering Training Design Levels 1 & 2!

Andrea Casabene - Training Manager

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